FAQ for Educators

Do you have any teacher guides?

Yes. I have developed teacher guides for the presentations as well as for the books themselves. You can click on the Resources tab on the left and you will see a button that says teacher's guides those are for the books, and presentation guides are for the presentations. The presentation guides include curriculum applications.

How much do you charge?

My prices vary.

For Skype presentations or book discussions I charge a flat $150 U.S.D. for a one hour presentation

For school visits to the U.S. the host school needs to cover all transportation costs, hotel, per diem ($70/day) and the price for the presentations $1000/day

For school visits within Ontario please contact Prologue to the Performing Arts

Is there anything I should know before you arrive in terms of hosting you?

Please see my articles on Islamic Etiquette and hosting

What are your technical requirements?

Mostly all I need for a presentation is a long table to display my books, a chair and a glass of water. The only presentation that requires an LCD/Data projector and screen is my The Roses in My Carpets presentation. That presentation includes a visual tour of the Afghan refugee camp I visited in Peshawar 1992.

Although for larger groups I may need a projector.

What is your audience maximum?

My ideal audience size is about a hundred. For workshops it's a bit smaller ~60

I can do larger audiences though of up to 300, but I would need to adjust the presentation accordingly.

I find the audiences of one hundred ideal because you can still have a personal connection with each child in attendance.

How Do I order your books?

Unfortunately two of my books are out of print and unavailable: Silly Chicken and Ruler of the Courtyard. For the other books, please see this page with information on ordering my books

If there are any questions I haven't covered feel free to email me: