"I wanted to let you know that absolutely everyone loved you and loves you.  I have hosted authors for many years. I have never had anyone come with whom people connected so much. From the children in Kindergarten to the early teens of the 7th grade, including their teachers, I heard rave reviews and praise. I could not keep your books in the library.  You have warmed the hearts and minds of so many during your visit to the west."

Janet Mumford---Teacher/Librarian Kathleen McNeely School, Vancouver, B.C.


"Our head of the school, George Penick, and Lower School heads, Leanna Owens and Becky Dalton have raved over what wonderful programs you gave...Your visit was not only fun for everyone, but a golden opportunity for our children to learn more about the Muslim faith and different cultures."

Jeannie Chunn, Lower School Librarian, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Mississippi


"I really enjoyed your presentation (Universality in Folktales)--as did the participants! You received excellent evaluations, some of the comments were:
- amazing presentation and message
- very personable
- wonderful books for classroom use"

Rachel Weiss, Outreach Co-ordinator, University of Wisconsin-Madison


"… You are a wonderful author and speaker and we all thoroughly enjoyed your visit. … You really had an impact on them … Once again, thank you for sharing your ‘life’ with us! You are a fascinating woman."

M.Masterson, Thorncliffe Park P.S.


"It was lovely to meet you—your presentation was excellent." (The Roses in My Carpets)

Librarian, Saskatoon Public Library


"Thank you so much for your presentation on The Roses in My Carpets. Your personal experiences offered a unique perspective on writing and were interesting as well as inspirational. Thank you for visiting Pearson and providing valuable insights into the creative process and our study of Children’s Literature."

N. Serba, Writers’ Craft class at Pearson C.I.


"Thank you for the delightful presentation at our school - Neil C. Matheson last week.

You charmed the students and the staff alike with your wonderful gift of storytelling. You captivated us all, and opened the window to a world many of our children are unfamiliar with. They certainly had a lively discussion (the grade 5's especially) in regards to "The Roses in My Carpet" presentation. They were deeply moved.

You have a warm and inviting manner about you, which readily drew us in to your imaginative world. Thank you for sharing so much so generously."

Ellen Shilton - Neil C. Matheson Public School