Rukhsana's Youtube channel


Book Talks/Tutorials on Rukhsana's Books:

King for a Day Book Talk/Tutorial

Big Red Lollipop Book Talk/Tutorial

The Roses in My Carpets Book Talk/Tutorial

Wanting Mor/Jameela Book Talk/Tutorial

Many Windows Book Talk/Tutorial

A New Life/Coming to Canada Book Talk/Tutorial

Dahling if You Luv Me Would You Please Please Smile Book Talk/Tutorial

Muslim Child - Understanding Islam through Poems and Stories Book Talk/Tutorial


Storytelling Videos:
Big Red Lollipop video--Rukhsana tells her/Sana's version of the Big Red Lollipop story
The Courage of Dajan Tigh video--Rukhsana tells one of her favourite Persian folktales

The Clever Wife--Rukhsana tells another favourite folktale

The Roses in my Carpets Presentation, Words Aloud 2007--Rukhsana tells/presents her award-winning story

Why Read?--Rukhsana talks about why, in this day of digital technology, we should still bother reading books.


Book Talk/Tutorials on some of Rukhsana's favourite books:

Monster by Walter Dean Myers

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Watership Down by Richard Adams


Video Interviews of Rukhsana Khan

Let the Quran Speak: In Conversation with Rukhsana Khan

Let the Quran Speak: Muslim Chilidren's Literature

CBC National Profile 2013 

Rawal TV Contemporary Issues--Profile of Rukhsana Khan--Rawal TV  

Interview with Ian Ferrier, Words Aloud 2007 Part 1 of 2

Interview with Ian Ferrier, Words Aloud 2007 Part 2 of 2


Videos Featuring Rukhsana Khan

Doors Open Toronto, Masjid Toronto, 2009--an event where Rukhsana was featured
Rawal TV Contemporary Issues--Raising Muslim Kids in Canada--Rukhsana's views on a parenting panel
TVO Parents panel discussion--Rukhsana talks children's literature with other experts

Rawal TV Contemporary Issues--J.D. Salinger--Rukhsana talks about Salinger's definitive work Catcher in the Rye

Videos Featuring Rukhsana's Books:

Video Reading: "Big Red Lollipop" Read by Amanda Ferraro

Video 'trailer' of Wanting Mor:  Wanting Mor

Students reading Big Red Lollipop

Big Red Lollipop review--by Liz's Book Snuggery