A New Life

A New Life
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A New Life Insert
A novella by Rukhsana Khan
Illustrated by Nasrin Khosravi
Published by Groundwood Books
62 pg, Softcover
$12.95 CDN
ISBN 978-0-88899-930-6

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A children's novella about a young girl's immigrant experience. This book is a trade version (available for purchase) of Rukhsana's Coming to Canada which was commissioned by the Canadian government and is being distributed to each immigrant child who enters Canada.

Watch Rukhsana's Book Talk/Tutorial on how best to use A New Life/Coming to Canada in the classroom.

Awards & Recognition

  • Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books 2010 selection



"This book's first life was as Coming to Canada, a publication funded by the government of Canada ... This revised edition of the original, undoubtedly enhanced by Iranian-born artist Khosravi's lively and lovely watercolours, makes for fine reading for newcomers to Canada, as well as children born in Canada who may be interested in how that new child in their class is experiencing and dealing with a new country, new customs, new everything.

A New Life begins in Pakistan, as Khadija and her brother, Hamza, say goodbye to their father, who is leaving for Canada to set up a house for his family. Khadija is excited about the prospect of the family's move to Canada, her brother less so... getting beyond the frightening strangeness of a new language and homesickness, are milestones recorded with sensitivity and elan by author Khan."

-The Globe and Mail-


"Eight year old Khadija and her family have come to Canada from Pakistan. Her older brother Hamza hates their new country and their new life. They are so much poorer in Canada, and it is so hard to understand what people are saying. As Khadija expresses it: “The feeling of not being able to swim and hardly being able to touch bottom is kind of how I feel as I try to learn English.” ... Rukhsana Khan is an author who focuses on telling tales of diversity. She has an ability to blend poetic storytelling and stark realism...

A New Life is enlivened with illustrations by well-known Iranian-born artist Nasrin Khosravi whose whimsical, somewhat surrealistic paintings are integrated with the text on every page." Recommended

-CM Magazine-


"A New Life is a welcome addition to Western immigrant literature for children. Khan draws readers into her story through sympathy with Khadija, to the point that they are also able to empathize with some of the challenges of being an immigrant – whether or not they have direct experience of this complex situation themselves. Children who want to know will be rewarded, as A New Life is both a window and mirror between cultures."

-Paper Tigers-