Bedtime Ba-a-a-lk

Bedtime Ba-a-a-lk
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A picture book by Rukhsana Khan
Illustrated by Kristi Frost
Published by Stoddart Kids
62 pg, Hardcover
$16.95 CDN / $13.95 US
ISBN 0-7737-3068-0

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AR Quiz No. 42065 EN Fiction
IL: LG - BL: 2.6 - AR Pts: 0.5
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When a little girl tries to count sheep to go to sleep, the sheep rebel and give her a hard time.


"A little bit of dream manipulation goes a long way in this lullaby tale from newcomer Khan. As a young girl lies in bed, she conjures up some sheep to come, but the sheep, led by a monocled old ram, are in a mutinous mood. They demand some clarifications: "What's in store? It's dark on the far side of the fence. Light is up so we can see where we go." The girl complies, but there are more demands: How about some entertainment? So she adds an amusement park, which so captivated the sheep that they not only shirk their appointed fence jumping task, they ignore the girl's call to order. Enough . . . Frost's rich, oil-pastel illustrations have a light touch, a good match for this story of tables turned, where the child is ready and eager for the land of nod, but the dream won't cooperate."

-Kirkus Reviews-


" 'Bedtime Ba-a-a-lk' by Rukhsana Khan and Kristi Frost (Stoddart Kids, $13.95). It's bedtime, and sleep awaits. But the darned sheep won't jump over the fence. That's the premise behind this creative tale about negotiation and compromise. It's a story that simply begs to be read at bedtime."

-The Knoxville News Sentinel-


"In a nighttime ritual familiar to all children, a young girl readies herself to drift off to sleep by counting sheep. She cajoles the conjured sheep to leap over the fence so she may count them. The sheep however, led by a feisty old ram, start to revolt at the idea of leaping into the darkness and demand that the girl light up the night. The prose is wise and witty and the illustrations colorful and comical, making this tale of a bed time standoff something for young and old to enjoy night after night."

-Children's Literature-