Many Windows

Many Windows
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A short story collection by Rukhsana Khan
with Elisa Carbone and Uma Krishnaswami
Illustrated by Patti Gallinger

Published in US & Canada by Napoleon Publishing
208 pg, Softcover
$12.95 USD
ISBN 9-781894-917568

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"Through our many windows
Look and you will see
A world of celebrations
In one community."

A collection of linked short stories about six friends from five different faiths--Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. Each story centres on the characters' religious celebrations culminating in a story arc that accentuates the beauty of their diverse community. Includes five non-fiction pieces explaining each of the celebrations. This book was written with contributions from Uma Krishnaswami and Elisa Carbone. For more information about them please see their websites: and


"Many Windows is a collection of short stories, sensitively written and focusing on six classmates of different faiths and cultures, sharing friendship and a love of basketball. Each story is one student's personal experience, yet they are tied together as the classmates relate to each other... Intriguing and told from the young character's point of view, these stories should appeal to the beginning chapter book reader. The subject matter can be used as a source of reference and discussion throughout the year as various celebrations occur. This text should prove a useful addition to an elementary school library collection."

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" ...Many Windows was authored by the three writers--Rukhsana Khan, Elisa Carbone and Uma Krishnaswami. This collection of short stories includes an appendix which briefly explains the roots of the five faiths discussed in the book. Readers will learn interesting information about Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity.

The aim of this book is to promote understanding among various faith communities in a time of global turmoil... The three writers are friends who represent three different faith communities--a Muslim, a Christian and a Hindu...All in all, this book is a wonderful way to promote religious tolerance through "many windows!"  Highly Recommended"

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"TJ’s narrative snapshots open and close the circle of interlinked stories. The new kid in town, TJ is anything but ready to make friends. On the contrary: unable to connect, he is suspicious of people’s motives, and ready to take down anyone who crosses him.

The other five kids in the book are friends, in and out of school. Deepa, Natalie, Jameel, Stephanie and Benjamin, whose religious backgrounds are different, love to play basketball together, but since their friend Bani moved away they have had to play it “two to three.”

…With chapters focusing on each of the six kids and an information section on the religious celebrations they observe (Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr, Diwali, Hanukkah, Buddha’s Birthday, Christmas), the book ends with the kids playing basketball - finally three on three again - suggesting that TJ is finally ready to make friends and embrace his new community.

Many Windows is a book that will introduce children to the importance of being part of a community whose members respect and value one another–a gentle and crucial message our youth would benefit from finding in other contemporary stories."

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