Junior to Intermediate Presentations

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TEACHERS: Please see the accompanying teacher's guides in order to get a better understanding of how these presentations can enrich your students' educational experience. Included in the teacher's guides are pre and post presentation discussion topics and activities and student activity sheets that can be printed and distributed to the students.

Wanting Mor (grades 5 - 8) View Teacher's Guide

This presentation is an author visit and features Rukhsana's newest book Wanting Mor. The presentation deals with issues of loss, abandonment, addiction and blended families. Rukhsana relates the inspiration behind this powerful story and gives students insights into the creative process and life in another culture.

The Roses in My Carpets (grades 3 - 8) View Teacher's Guide

This presentation features her book The Roses in My Carpets, based on the story of her Afghan refugee foster child. This presentation includes a visual tour of the refugee camp she visited in Peshawar, Pakistan.

A New Life/Coming to Canada (grades 3 - 6) View Teacher's Guide

This presentation focuses on literacy and the immigrant experience, highlighting the importance of overcoming obstacles and taking advantage of learning opportunities.

From ESL to Author (grades 7 - 8)  View Teacher's Guide

Rukhsana relates her experiences growing up as an ESL (English as a second language) student facing discrimination and peer pressure. Rukhsana reveals how an incident in her youth became the climactic scene of her award-winning novel Dahling, If You Luv Me, Would You Please, Please Smile. This presentation also covers bullying and teen suicide.

Persian and Arabian Folktales (grades 4 - 8)View Teacher's Guide

In this presentation, Rukhsana tells traditional stories that evoke all the wisdom and aura of medieval Islamic culture spanning from the Arabian nights to Persia and Kirgystan.

Get the Bully Off Your Back (grades 6 - 12)View Teacher's Guide

Rukhsana takes a humourous and poignant look at what it feels like to be bullied and offers practical tips to empower young people to stand up for themselves and resist social pressure.

Work in Progress Presentation (grades 3 - 6) View Teacher's Guide

Writing books, like any art form, involves a constantly changing process from inspiration to revision, submission, editing and production. This presentation is a dynamic look at books Rukhsana is currently working on, paying special attention to the importance of editing and the steps toward book production.

Literacy Night (K - adult)

A special storytelling presentation suited to bringing out parents for school literacy events.

Creative Writing Workshop (grades 5 - 12)

Rukhsana focuses on the universal elements of powerful stories. This workshop includes writing and storytelling tips and exercises.