Seminars & Workshops for Teachers

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The Peninsula

This is an excellent one day workshop Rukhsana developed with fellow dramatist/storyteller Gail Fricker to address issues of diversity in schools with homogenous populations. In the workshop two classes of students each develop their own cultures with separate dress, language, greetings, dance, songs and alphabet, then the two groups must meet in a neutral zone and try to solve a problem they face together. The workshop explores peaceful problem solving skills and dealing with other cultures.

The Muslim World in Children's Literature

This presentation deals with issues of inclusion and the portrayal of Muslims in children's literature. The presentation Includes a bibliography of acceptable resources that can help educators address these concerns.

Universality in Folktales

This program combines literacy skills with storytelling and multiculturalism to explore how stories can reach past racial and ethnic barriers to the humanity within all of us. By focusing on story structure, teachers will learn what makes a story universal and how to shape their stories.

Storymaking in the Classroom

This workshop picks up where the Universality in Folktales presentation leaves off. It involves practical exercises for teachers to conduct with their students that will tap into creativity followed by editing exercises that make the piece they’ve written, stronger. Also included are tips to get students excited about writing.

Bringing Oral Cultural Stories to the Page

Students from predominantly oral cultures face particular challenges when trying to express themselves in literary form. This workshop focuses on strategies to bridge the gap between oral tradition and the written page. (This workshop was developed for the 2004 International Board on Books for Young People (I.B.B.Y.) South Africa Congress.)

The Importance of Inclusive Literature in the Classroom

A healthy inclusive environment in the classroom is the ideal environment to foster learning and acceptance. Using her own experiences growing up as an ESL student as well as her experiences as an author/storyteller presenting in the classroom, Rukhsana discusses practical ways teachers can create an inclusive environment for all their students. Resources include a list of multicultural authors and websites that will facilitate this task.