Special Projects

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Rukhsana has developed and conducted the following projects in various school districts and is available to teach the concepts in a workshop format either to staff or conduct the programs in a school setting.

The Peninsula

This is an excellent one day workshop Rukhsana developed with fellow dramatist/storyteller Gail Fricker to address issues of diversity in schools with homogenous populations. In the workshop two classes of students each develop their own cultures with separate dress, language, greetings, dance, songs and alphabet, then the two groups must meet in a neutral zone and try to solve a problem they face together. The workshop explores peaceful problem solving skills and dealing with other cultures.

Universality in Folktales

This program combines literacy skills with storytelling and multiculturalism to explore how stories can reach past racial and ethnic barriers to the humanity within all of us. By focusing on story structure, teachers will learn what makes a story universal and how to shape their stories.

Immigration Journeys

This is a workshop Rukhsana has run to facilitate new immigrants in telling their arrival stories. It was first commissioned by Durham district school board and the resulting stories were compiled into a publication called Journeys and used across the school board to encourage empathy for new immigrants.