My name is Rukhsana Khan (pronounced ruk-SA-na kon you can hear me say it at this link) and I'm a children's author and storyteller.

My books have won a number of awards, one of them was even chosen by the New York Public library as one of the 100 Greatest Children's Books in the Last 100 Years!

I visit around eighty schools a year, all over Canada, the U.S. and internationally, and I meet thousands of students from kindergarten to high school.

People say I have a down-to-earth style of presentation.

My presentations go from light-hearted fun for primary children to serious issues like teen suicide, loss, abandonment and child refugees. But even my more serious presentations are laced with humour and are age appropriate.

Similarly, my books run the range from Silly Chickens and Big Red Lollipops to a motherless girl abandoned in a marketplace in Kabul (Wanting Mor). My stories have all depended on what demanded to be written at the time I was writing them.

You can get a taste of my presentation style from the youtube clips in the Videos Section.

I am available for Skype visits. Please email me: rukhsana @ for more information and rates.

You can check out my blog for my thoughts on life and writing.

You can read the testimonials to find out what others have said about me.

You can check out some of my television appearances, radio interviews, conferences I've presented at and profiles of me both online and in print here: profiles & appearances.

And you can see some of the places my work has taken me in my photo gallery.

When I was a kid growing up in the small town of Dundas, Ontario, I always dreamed of being an author. I feel blessed that my dreams have come true.

And now, at a time when there is so much conflict in the world, I hope my stories help create some cross-cultural understanding.